UTIA Greenhouses: Space Application

The call for new and renewal space applications for Central, South and North Greenhouses is a twice-yearly event, occurring each January (for the April 1st move-in) and July (for the October 1st move-in).


  • Only UTIA personnel with regular faculty status may submit greenhouse space applications.
  • Log-in to SharePoint with your netID and password to access the form.
  • Read the “UTIA Greenhouse Space Policies”. 
  • After selecting the “I agree…” box, the page will redirect you to the application page.  
  • When the form is complete and all required documents are attached, click “submit”. 
  • Fill out the online application form here
  • For all questions regarding greenhouse space, please contact the Greenhouse Manager, Lori Osburn.  
  • Use of any other greenhouse space requires a different process- contact your department head for more information.
  • All greenhouse key requests must go through the Greenhouse Manager for approval and signature. 

Email Lori Osburn, Greenhouse Manager, if you have questions or would like more information regarding greenhouse space and keys.