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Faculty and Staff Awards

Presented to a UT AgResearch faculty or professional staff member whose efforts have had a profound effect on improving efficiency, sustainability, and/or economic viability of the food and fiber industry or rural areas in Tennessee. Emphasis is on the impact that an employee’s efforts in research and technology development have had on UT AgResearch clients. Additional evidence of this impact may include:

• Leadership of team research.
• Consolidation of multidisciplinary research into meaningful systems.
• Innovative individual research.
• Effective communication of research to clients.
• Implementation/adoption of research findings by clients.

Robert Trigiano

Carl Sams

Doug Hayes

Don Tyler

Roland Roberts

Pat Keyser

Lawrence Steckel

Arnold Saxton

Tim Rials

Burt English

Al Womac

Fred Allen

Neal Schrick

Kelly Tiller

Vince Pantalone

Scott Schlarbaum

Bob Hayes

John Wilkerson

Stephen Oliver

Darrell Mundy

Presented to a young scientist who possesses the aptitude, judgment, drive, and interpersonal skills to have an outstanding and productive career as an agricultural scientist. Factors considered include:

• Productivity as a teacher as evidenced by the views of peers and students.
• Productivity as evidenced by publication record.
• That he/she addressed varied clientele of UT AgResearch by publishing not only peer-reviewed journal articles, but also producing publications, popular press, field day presentations, etc., for agricultural and general public audiences .
• Quality of scientific effort.
• That he/she has interpersonal skills to assist in formulating and fostering departmental programs.

Neelam Poudyal

Chris Boyer

Faith Critzer

Jennifer DeBruyn

David Butler

Jim Brosnan

Federico Harte

Feng Chen

Matt Gray

Qixin Zhong

Dean Kopsell

Christopher Clark

Bill Klingeman

Lana Zivanovic

Lannett Edwards

Vince Pantalone

Siqun Wang

Daniel Yoder

Raj Raman

Neal Schrick

David Golden

Alan Mathew

Al Womac

Kimberly Jensen

John Wilkerson

Kimberly Gwinn

Jerome Grant

Stephen Oliver

Presented to professional and technical staff members for their outstanding service accomplishments in support of the AgResearch and Education Centers’ mission. Criteria for selecting professional staff members include leadership, initiative, and professionalism. Criteria for selecting technical and support staff members include reliability, initiative, and productivity.

Jimmie Duncan
Yvonne Hitchcock
Kim Lane

The J.E. Moss Award is presented in memory of J.E. and Ann Moss. It recognizes excellent achievement in research for the Institute of Agriculture. Awards are selected by the deans of AgResearch in consultation with the UTIA senior vice president and senior vice chancellor. These individuals demonstrate research excellence and collegiality in their field of research.

Greg Blaylock

John Wilkerson

Joe Sarten

Shige Eda

David Stone

Lee Ellis

Dean Kopsell

Lana Zivanovic

Juan Jurat-Fuentes

Niki Labbè