UTIA Greenhouses: Committee

The Greenhouse Bylaws direct the handling of greenhouse affairs, including the structural organization of the committee which is comprised of both UTIA staff and faculty members.

Committee Chair

Timothy G Rials Profile Page
Timothy G Rials
Assoc Dean & Professor | AgResearch Administration

Committee Members

Ernest C Bernard Profile Page
Ernest C Bernard
Professor | Entomology and Plant Pathology
Jim Brosnan Profile Page
Jim Brosnan
Professor & Director | Plant Sciences
David S Buckley Profile Page
David S Buckley
Professor | School of Natural Resources
David M. Butler Profile Page
David M. Butler
Professor | Plant Sciences
Steve M Glafenhein Profile Page
Steve M Glafenhein
Director | General Services
Kimberly D Gwinn Profile Page
Kimberly D Gwinn
Associate Professor | Entomology and Plant Pathology
John Walter Hitch Profile Page
John Walter Hitch
Research Center Director | Plateau AgResearch and Education Center
Lori Denise Osburn Profile Page
Lori Denise Osburn
Manager | AgResearch Administration
Carl E Sams Profile Page
Carl E Sams
Institute Professor | Plant Sciences