American Rescue Plan Funding Helps Upgrade Research Equipment and Facilities

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UT AgResearch was fortunate to receive $50 million from the state in funding from the American Rescue Plan (ARP). The funds are being applied at each of our ten AgResearch and Education Centers located throughout Tennessee. Infrastructure and equipment improvements are imperative to enable our scientists to provide accurate data reflecting modern practices that support our AgResearch stakeholders, strengthen communities, invigorate local economies and the American economy, and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Tennessee and beyond.

All research and educational programs performed at AgRECs are intended to improve sustainability, including profitability, increase efficiency and yield, improve food safety, and/or reduce environmental impacts. All these aspects improve food security, stimulate local economy, and promote climate-smart agriculture. Through our research and education centers, we seek to stay relevant, to tackle challenges, and supply unbiased research to stakeholders and consumers.

We are conscientiously, respectfully, and intentionally planning the use of the funds to facilitate research through infrastructure improvements and updated equipment to produce current, relevant, innovative research. We are driven to continually pursue research that brings Real. Life. Solutions. to current and anticipated future challenges. This includes improving food security for our growing population, food and fiber availability in a shrinking agriculture footprint, animal production, well-being and security, labor shortages in agriculture, and mitigating changing climatic conditions. We strive to contribute to a thriving economy and a better quality of life for the citizens in Tennessee and beyond through relevant research innovation and technological breakthroughs.

Learn more about how how our AgResearch and Education Centers are utilizing funding from the ARP by visiting our AgREC Modernization in Progress page.