UTIA Greenhouses: User Responsibilities

PRIOR to Move-in:

  1. Contact the Greenhouse Manager if there are ANY modifications to the plans described in your space application
  2. Provide the Greenhouse Manager with your plant management plan for pest prevention and control. 
    – Do you know which pests affect your crop?
    – How will you manage your bay to keep plants pest-free?
    – What you will do in case of an outbreak?
  3. All greenhouse users (faculty, staff, students) attend orientation with the Greenhouse Manager

All Greenhouse Users are Obligated to:

  • Read and sign greenhouse policies
  • Attend one greenhouse orientation with the Greenhouse Manager
  • Supply all of their own project materials such as containers, labels, soil
  • Keep bay clean during project, including sweeping on a weekly basis
  • Be responsible and courteous to others by maintaining a pest-free environment
  • Report any building malfunctions or problems to the Greenhouse Manager
  • Discuss any plant or project concerns with the Greenhouse Manager who will gladly offer assistance  

By Project Completion or 2 Weeks Prior to Expiration of Assignment:

  • Clean bay, empty closet and cabinets, and return all greenhouse keys to the greenhouse manager
  • General cleaning is expected, such as
    – Floors swept
    – Ledges hosed off
    – Benches washed (no need to break down benches- just leave assembled and intact)
    – All plant debris removed from the floor and floor drain