Real-time process modeling of wood composite panels
Andre, N., T. M. Young, and Zaretzki, P..  2010.  Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Processing Technologies for the Forest and Bio-based Products Industries. Salzburg/Kuchl, Austria, 07-08 October 2010. p. 28-33.  (invited)

This study focuses on the real-time prediction of mechanical properties such as internal bond (IB) and modulus of rupture (MOR) for a wood composite panels manufacturing process. As wood composite panel plants periodically test their products, a real time data fusion application was developed to properly align laboratory mechanical test results and their corresponding process data. Fused data are employed to build regression models that yield real-time predicted mechanical properties values when new process data are available. The modeling algorithm core uses genetic algorithms (GA) to preselect a meaningful subset of process variables. Multiple calibration models are then built using several regression methods. At one of the test sites, prediction results for the two most manufactured products have been assessed by comparing actual IB and MOR values to their corresponding predicted values. Regression methods for prediction of QC properties is also discussed