Changes in Producers' Perceptions of Within-field Yield Variability Following Adoption of Cotton Yield Monitors
Rejesus, R. M., M. C. Marra, R. K. Roberts, B. C. English, J. A. Larson, and K. W. Paxton.  2010.  2010 Annual Meeting of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, Selected paper, Denver, CO, July 25-27, 2010.

This article investigates how information from cotton yield monitors influences the within-field yield variability perceptions of cotton producers. Using yield distribution modeling techniques and survey data from cotton producers in 11 Southeastern states, we find that cotton farmers tend to underestimate within-field yield variability (by about 10%-30%) when not utilizing site-specific yield monitor information. Survey results further indicate that cotton farmers in the Southeastern United States place a value of about $20/acre/year (on average) on the additional information about within-field yield variability provided by yield monitors.