TNH2O: Tennessee's roadmap to securing the future of our water resources
Cameron, J. W., A. Papanicolaou., R. Cochran, S. Bartell, F. R. Walker, A. Kalyanapu, C. Meier, and M. Hilty.  2018.  Governor's Statewide Plan.

In January 2018, Governor Bill Haslam appointed a steering committee of leaders from federal, state, and local governments; industry; academia; public and private utilities; and environmental advocacy groups to develop a statewide plan for future water availability in Tennessee looking out to 2040. The plan, TN H2O: Tennesseeís Roadmap to Securing the Future of Our Water Resources, assesses current water resources and makes recommendations to ensure that Tennessee has abundant water resources to support future population and economic growth through 2040. The TN H2O Steering Committee, chaired by Tennessee Deputy Governor Jim Henry, provided high-level input and review for this eff ort. A copy of TN H2O was given to the governor in November 2018 and made available for public input in December 2018. This aggressive schedule demonstrates Governor Haslamís commitment to the availability of sustainable Tennessee water resources. Its importance compelled Governor Haslam to pursue this effort in the last year of his term.