Breeding soybeans for improved oil quality in high yielding lines using molecular markers for selecting FAD2-1A, FAD2-1B, FAD3A and FAD3C mutant alleles
Willette, A., V. R. Pantalone, C. Smallwood, H. Bhandari, F. Chen, C. E. Sams, and V. R. Sykes.  2018.  National Soybean Breeders Workshop.

Typical quantities of linolenic fatty acid (FA) in soybean oil causes rapid rancidity. Previously soybean oil was hydrogenated to accommodate the need for a more stable oil. New standards necessitate increasing the total percent of oleic acid and reducing linolenic acid to <3% of the total fatty acid without hydrogenation. Soybean researchers have identified alleles FAD2-1A, FAD2-1B, FAD3A, and FAD3C, which regulate oleic acid (18:1) and linolenic acid (18:3).Using single nucleotide polymorphism’s (SNP’s) and gas chromatography to identify high oleic (HO) and low linol