Determining Tennessee Water Use Coefficients with USGS, Agricultural Census, and IMPLAN data
Owen, S., B. C. English, D. M. Lambert, R. J. Menard, L. Lambert, and C. D. Clark.  2017.  AREC Department Series, 17-01,

Providing an economic valuation for water is a complex issue for many reasons including public perception of water policies, the life cycle of water resources, and the uncertainty of water quality and quantity in years to come. Due to the controversy surrounding the use and management of water resources, it is difficult to quantify how much water is worth to an individual, community, or a nation. This report provides a valuation of water based on empirical data that does not answer the question of how Tennessee should value water but rather how Tennessee uses its water and the value of economic activity associated with those uses. This valuation estimates water use in acre-feet per dollar of output for 536 economic sectors identified by the Impact Analysis for Planning (IMPLAN) model. The resulting water use coefficients can be used in an Input-Output model to evaluate linkages between industries and to establish the foundation needed to develop plans for sustainable water use in Tennessee.