Guide to Caves and Sinkholes in Tennessee, an Overview
Drumm, E. C.  2018.  Extension web publication, Guide to Caves and Sinkholes in Tennessee, edited by Eric C. Drumm, a series of web Extension publications related to caves and karst in Tennessee.

Sinkholes and karst features are common across much of Middle and East Tennessee, and questions about karst arise not only from newcomers to the state, but also from those who have spent their entire lives in Tennessee. The “Guide to Caves and Sinkholes in Tennessee” consists of the following documents, with summary descriptions of each and links to the documents below: 1. Landowners Guide to Caves and Cave Ownership in Tennessee 2. Landowner’s Guide to Biological Resources and Biodiversity in Tennessee Caves 3. Karst Geology in Tennessee 4. Best Management Practices for Livestock Production and Operations in Karst Areas 5. National Speleological Society “Guide to Responsible Caving”