More Floods and Droughts: University of Tennessee Extension Approaches to Adapting to Climate Change in Tennessee
Walker, F. R.  2016.  Proceedings of 25th Tennessee Annual AWRA Meeting, Montgomery Bell State, Park, Burns TN. April 13,.

It is anticipated that Tennessee will experience more floods and more droughts in the future. This will affect agriculture in the state in different ways. University of Tennessee (UT) Extension personnel are working closely with landowners and producers to provide practical and cost-effective strategies for managing and coping with changes in climate patterns especially during periods of rainfall deficient and droughts. This presentation will summarize the on-going applied research and extension efforts of UT Extension to provide livestock with adequate forages during the summer months, as well as extend the grazing season and improve irrigation efficiency for row-crop and nursery crop agriculture. This work is in part supported by a USDA NIFA Water for Agriculture grant awarded to the University of Tennessee in collaboration with Tennessee Technological University, University of Memphis, Middle Tennessee State University and the University of Tennessee at Martin to study the effects that climate change may have on agricultural production in the Tennessee and Cumberland River Basins in the coming decades.