Assessing the CFA University Recognition Program: A Survey Based Analysis
Grieb, T., M. Noguera, and C. Trejo-Pech.  2016.  2016 Proceedings Financial Education Association and Academy of Business Education, Financial Education Association Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, FL, September-October 2016.

This paper examines the process of establishing and administrating a CFA directed program within a Finance major. To accomplish this we conducted a survey of faculty at undergraduate and graduate programs that have obtained CFA University Recognition status. Our thirty-three question survey contains four sections. The first section generates background information on the individual institutions, with a focus on the structure of the institution. The second examines issues relating to the curriculum development process that precedes submission for CFA Recognition status, and the process of generating that application. The third section relates to ongoing issues of maintaining a successful program once it has been established. The last part of our survey examines both the reasons why schools pursue CFA Recognition status, and compares that to the actual benefits reported by those schools. Our goal is to provide a review of the CFA University Recognition Program from the perspective of institutions that have successfully applied for CFA Recognition and are now in the process of making their CFA program part of the mainstream experience for their students.