Sequence analysis of a La Crosse virus strain isolated from a fatal pediatric encephalitis case that occurred in TN, USA 2012 and comparison with geographically and temporally relevant La Crosse virus sequences of mosquito origin
Lambert, A., R. T. Trout Fryxell, R. Lanciotti, K. Freyman, A. Ulloa, D. Paulsen, and A. Moncayo.  2015.  Journal of Emerging and Infectious Diseases, 21(5): 833-836.

We characterized a La Crosse virus (LACV) isolate from the brain of a child who died of encephalitis-associated complications in eastern Tennessee, USA, during summer 2012. We compared the isolate with LACV sequences from mosquitoes collected near the child’s home just after his postmortem diagnosis. In addition, we conducted phylogenetic analyses of these and other sequences derived from LACV strains representing varied temporal, geographic, and ecologic origins. Consistent with historical findings, results of these analyses indicate that a limited range of LACV lineage I genotypes is associated with severe clinical outcomes.