Peak oil and the necessity of transitioning to regenerative agriculture
Hellwinckel, C. M., and D. G. De La Torre Ugarte.  2011.  Hellwinckel CM, De La Torre Ugarte DG (2011) Peak oil and the necessity of transitioning to regenerative agriculture, Road to Rio+20 1:46-51.

As global energy availability begins to decline over the next several decades, energy intensive industrial methods of food production will have to be transitioned to regenerative practices that 1) sponsor their own energy, 2) build soils and 3) produce in abundance. There are successful examples of regenerative systems that meet these three imperatives. The foundational principles of existing regenerative systems should be used in the development of new practices unique to each individual ecosystem. While borrowing principles from traditional agricultural systems, it is important that modern knowledge of biological dynamics be used in conjunction with appropriate scale technologies to enhance traditional practices and meet the three policy imperatives. The transition to regenerative agriculture is necessary to avoid being locked into a system that depletes our soils and is dependent on an energy resource in decline (fossil fuels).