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Fisher, A. E., W. Gill, C. D. Lane, Jr., R. L. Ellis, and G. M. Pighetti.  2007.  Evaluation Of Injectable Minerals And Growth Implants To Enhance Weaned Calf Development.  Department of Animal Science Annual Report., .

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Walker, E. R., A. M. Jack, L. P. Bush, H. Ji, W. A. Bailey, C. Fisher, R. D. Miller, R. C. Pearce, H. P. Denton, R. L. Ellis, and B. D. Sims.  2014.  Recent Advancements in Tobacco Production and Composition in Tennessee and Kentucky.  2014 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Meeting.

Fisher, A. E., W. Gill, C. D. Lane, Jr., R. L. Ellis, S. B. Blezinger, and G. M. Pighetti.  2008.  Evaluation of MultiMin™ to enhance weaned calf productivity.  Journal of Anim. Sci., 86 (Suppl. 1): 197-198.

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