Apply for Ag 3 Day Startup by 9/16/2016

Do you have an idea for starting a business but just donít know where to begin? Or have you ever wanted to be involved in a start-up but didnít have an idea that you thought would work? If so, the upcoming Ag 3-Day Startup (Ag 3DS) entrepreneurial program is for you.

This intensive, 3-day event will be held starting at 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon, Sep. 30, through 6 p.m. Sunday afternoon, Oct. 2 on the Ag campus. Any UT student, faculty or staff member is welcome to apply and the program is free-of-charge. To apply, visit

The goal of Ag 3DS is to start between five and seven new ag-based companies, which can range anywhere from hardware to software to services that help solve the needs of the agriculture industry. This can include solutions for animal health, plant-based products, food technologies, agricultural diagnostics, farms, aquaculture, natural products, safety or production improvements, natural resource conservation, and bio-energy.

The boot camp is designed to teach you how to start a company by actually starting a company. Participants will generate ideas, form teams, talk to customers, explore business models, build prototypes, and present their ideas to professional investors, all within less than 72 hours!

Students may approach faculty to discuss using this program as a one-hour independent study credit. For more information on the content of the program, please contact Joy Fisher at Click here to see the full event flyer.

Ag3DS is brought to you by AgResearch, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, UT Federal Credit Union, AgLaunch, and Hard Knox Pizzeria.