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  Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science
Office: 308 Biosys Eng Soil Sci Office
Phone: (865) 974-7266
Email: awomac@utk.edu

Focus: Equipment performance & environmental impact

  • Spray Application Technologies
  • Spray Drift, Droplet/Particle Sizing
  • Biomass Logistics and Processing
  • www.biomassprocessing.org
  • www.biomasslogistics.org
Educational & Research Programs
  • Spray application improvement
  • Spray drift reduction
  • Biomass harvest, processing, & logistics

  • BsE 331 Power Units and Machinery
  • BsE 444 Biosystems Engineering Practicum
  • BsET 432 Agricultural and Construction Equipment

Biographical sketch

Field performance evaluations of production equipment, including but not limited to sprayers, application equipment, hay/forage/biomass equipment, biomass size reduction machinery, biomass processing & handling equipment, bulk compaction of biomass with waste transfer equipment systems

Recent Publications


Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering, University of Tennessee, 1988
M.S. Agricultural Engineering, University of Tennessee, 1983
B.S. Agricultural Engineering, University of Tennessee, 1981
P.E., Tennessee