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UT AgResearch, Current Personnel

Tompkins, Fred
Interim Dean

Name Title Focus
André, Nicolas   Research Scientist I  Forest products 
Barcroft, Jane   Accounting Specialist II  Accounting 
Berrier, Cheryle   Admin Specialist II  Administrative Specialist 
Braden, Angela   Accounting Specialist II  Accounting 
Burnette, Sheri   Coordinator II  Post-award Grants & Contracts 
Burns, Jane   Assistant Director & Compliance Officer  OSP Assistant Director & UTIA Compliance Officer 
Creswell, Cathy   Coordinator III  Grants Coordinator 
Dalton, Kathy   Coordinator III  Grants Coordinator 
Fair, Whitney   HR Coordinator I  Human Resources 
Fisher, Joy   Research Consultant  AgInnovations program 
Fukui, Mori   Student worker   
Hampstead, Deborah (Debbie)   Director  OSP Director 
Hebert, Elizabeth (Liz)   Coordinator II  Grants Coordinator 
Helmrath, William (Will)   Coordinator III  Grants Coordinator 
Jo, David   Student worker   
Langan, Karin   Information Specialist I  Information Specialist 
Lavender, Marina   Accounting Specialist II  Post-Award Grants & Contracts 
Lown, Joel   Coordinator III  Information Coordinator 
Manes, Everly   Coordinator  Grants Coordinator 
McCord, Jessica (Jess)   Research Associate II   
Nichols, Cynthia (Cyndie)   Chief Budget Officer & Budget Director  Chief Budget Officer & Budget Director 
Osburn, Lori   Greenhouse Manager  Greenhouse Manager 
Rials, Timothy (Tim)   Associate Dean and Associate Director  Renewable carbon 
Romanini, Carrera   Communication Coordinator I  Communication Coordinator 
Sarten, Joe   Engineer II  Engineer 
Sims, Barry   Associate Director  Associate Director 
Stanley, Traci   Research Associate II   
Stone, David   Financial Specialist  Financial Specialist 
Webb, Joan   Post-Award Grants & Contracts  Post-Award Grants & Contracts 
White, David   Associate Dean for Research and Associate Director   
Wilder, DeeDee   Coordinator  Grants Coordinator 
Xhaferaj, Rumira   Assistant Director  OSP Assistant Director 

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