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UT AgResearch

Inactive Personnel

Name Title Focus
Brown, William (Bill)   Dean and Director  Dean and Director 
Caldwell, Susan   Administrative Specialist I   
Caponetti, Amy   Coordinator I  Human Resources 
Crombie, Tabor   Administrative Services Assistant   
Fisher, Joy   Research Consultant  AgInnovations program 
Flanagan, Donna   Temporary Adminstrative Assistant   
Gray, Morgan   IT Administrator IV  IT Administration 
Hawkersmith, Dawn   Financial Specialist II  Financial Specialist 
Heatherly, Micki   Admin Specialist III  Assistant to the Dean 
Helmrath, William (Will)   Coordinator III  Grants Coordinator 
Hodges, III, John   Assistant Director  Assistant Director 
Holbert, Courtney   Coordinator III  Grants and Subaward Coordinator 
Jones, Melinda   Budget Director   
Klindt, Thomas (Tom)   Post-retirement appointment   
Lavender, Marina   Accounting Specialist I   
Matthews, Tania   Reporting Assistant   
Mote, C. (Roland)   Associate Dean  Assoc. Dean, REC administration 
Nichols, Cynthia (Cyndie)   Director  Chief Budget Officer & Budget Director 
Oliver, Stephen   Assistant Dean and Assistant Director  Assistant Dean & Assistant Director 
Phillips, Shirley   Coordinator II  Grants Coordinator 
Richardson, Don   Dean   
Rogers, Kimberly (Kim)   Admin Support Asst. III   
Romanini, Carrera   Accounting Specialist II  Communication Coordinator 
Seymour, Sue   Admin Specialist I  Travel, Asst. Dean support 
Stanley, Traci   Coordinator II   
Tompkins, Fred   Interim Dean   
Verzosa, Maria   Student Worker   
Voorhees, Victor (Tor)   Student employee   
Wagner, Nathen   Accounting Specialist II   
Wilkerson, John   Assistant Dean  Sensor development 
Xhaferaj, Rumira   Coordinator III  OSP Assistant Director 
Yarnell, Lee   Accounting Specialist II  Travel and CRIS System 
Young, James (Mark)   Research Associate II  IT Coordinator for AgResearch 
Zorn, Lynn   Post-retirement apppointment  Post-Award Grants & Contracts 

34 records

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