Watershed Research

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John Brian (Brian) Alford
Assistant Professor
Fishery conservation and management

Jennifer M. DeBruyn
Associate Professor
Environmental Microbiology

Joanne Logan
Associate Professor
Applied climatology & climate change

Andrea Lorene Ludwig
Associate Professor
Ecological Engineering

Groups and Facilities

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Hardwood Genomics Project 
Creating genomic resources for the most important hardwood species in North America.



Promotion and Tenure 2016, 9/29/2016


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Obed Watershed 
For every flowing river in Tennessee, there are many streams that feed it. A group of volunteers on Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau work to preserve water quality in these tributaries.

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River Cleanup 
Agriculture students worked to clean up the Tennessee River and some of its tributaries of plant growth and trash.


Recent Publications

Kayak-based underwater videomapping system for watershed-scale wild trout habitat management.  Ayers, P. D.  2017.  Poster presented at the Wild Trout Symposium. West Yellowstone, WY..

An assessment of the effectiveness of winter wheat cover crops for nutrient load reduction in the Red and Obion River watersheds.  Hawkins, S. A., and H. A. McClellan.  2017.  Proceedings of the 2017 Tennessee Water Resources Symposium.

Application of group analytic hierarchy process in strategic forest management.  P. Groselj, D. G. Hodges, and L. Zadnik-Stirn.  2017.  Interconnecting Forests, Science and People, p. 68, In: Book of Abstracts from 125th Anniversary Meeting of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations, Freiburg, Germany. [Abstract]

Impacts of Land Use Disturbance on Fish and Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Assemblages in the Nolichucky River Watershed Gotwald, Hayley S.  2016.  M.S. Thesis. [Abstract]

An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Winter Wheat Cover Crops for Nutrient Load Reduction in Tennessee (USA) Watersheds Dominated by Row Crop Agriculture.  Hawkins, S. A., and H. McClellan.  2016.  China-US Joint Workshop–Environmental Remediation and Watershed Restoration, Northeast Normal University, Changchun, China.

Watershed-scale Project in Oostanaula Creek Walker, F. R., C. D. Clark, M. E. Essington, S. A. Hawkins, D. M. Lambert, A. Layton, J. Schwartz, and L. Reynolds.  2016.  Presentation at USDA NIFA Annual Project Directors meeting, Washington DC. October 21, 2016. [Abstract]

Molecular analysis of atrazine-degrading bacteria and catabolic genes in the water column and sediment of a created wetland in an agricultural watershed.  Douglas, J. F., M. A. Radosevich, and O. H. Tuovinen.  2015.  Ecological Engineering, 83:405-412.

UT Extension works to Protect Obion River Watershed.  Duncan, L. A.  2015.  UTIA Video Interview - various news outlets.

Sustainable STEM: How much water would a watershed shed if a watershed could shed water?.  Duncan, L. A., A. L. Ludwig, and E. A. Gall.  2015.  UT Extension W 338-C.

Sediment-Microbial Source Tracking for Oostanaula Creek Watershed.  Huangfu, Y., S. A. Hawkins, A. Layton, and D. Williams.  2015.  Conference Proceedings, Soil Interfaces for Sustainable Development, McGill University.

Sediment-Microbial Source Tracking (MST) for Oostanaula Creek Watershed.  Huangfu, Y., S. A. Hawkins, A. Layton, D. Williams, and F. R. Walker.  2015.  American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Tennessee Water Resources Symposium, Montgomery Bell Sta.

Environmental and economic analysis of using SWAT to simulate the effects of switchgrass production on water quality in an impaired watershed Zhou, X., C. D. Clark, S. Surendran Nair, S. A. Hawkins, and D. M. Lambert.  2015.  Agricultural Water Management, 160:1-13.