Waterborne Research

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Groups and Facilities

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Sub-Surface Sensing 
Ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic induction for mapping and exploration.


Recent Publications

Identification of Subsurface Features that Affect Offsite Movement of Waterborne Contaminants through the Use of Soil Classification and Mapping Techniques, Electromagnetic Inductance (EM) and Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR).  Raley, K. D.  2003.  M.S. Thesis, M.S. Thesis, PSS.

Subsurface Imaging Of Dynamic Waterborne Contaminant Flow Using Ground-Penetrating Radar.  Freeland, R. S., R. E. Yoder, J. T. Ammons, and D. J. Inman.  2001.  ASAE Paper and Poster. Paper No. 01-3100. July 29-August 1, ASAE Meeting, Sacramento, CA.