Vegetable Research

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Steven C. (Steve) Bost
Fruit, vegetable & tobacco diseases

Natalie Ruth Bumgarner
Assistant Professor

Dennis E. Deyton
Fruit crop improvement

Adam Hopkins
Extension Area Specialist
Farm Management

Megan L. Leffew
Extension Specialist II
Marketing Specialist

Carl E. Sams
Distinguished Professor
Crop physiology

Groups and Facilities

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Phytophthora Plant Pathogens 
Soybeans, vegetables, the Irish potato blight, and Sudden Oak Death.

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UTIA Greenhouses 
High tech facilities help support agricultural research

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Protected Agriculture 
From hydroponics to organic raised beds, from computer-controlled greenhouses to simple rain shelters.

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Vegetable Initiative 
Research on varieties and methods with potential in Tennessee.



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Organic Vegetables 
The earth provides the foods we eat -- including healthy vegetables. UT researchers are studying how best to grow these crops, and part of that work involves organic farming.

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Sweet corn 
UT AgResearchers applied herbicides to experimental sweet corn to keep weeds away. But something unexpected happened -- they boosted the nutritional value of the corn.

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Greenhouse Protected Agriculture 
More and more of the fruits and vegetables we eat are grown indoors.

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High Tunnels 
Some Tennessee nursery farmers use what are called “high tunnel” greenhouses – an inexpensive way to protect crops from temperatures that are either too hot or cold.

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Gourmet Food Safety 
We all want good-tasting foods, but what we eat also has to be safe. UT’s Institute of Agriculture works with producers statewide in food safety programs.

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Bee Research 
Researchers at the UT Institute of Agriculture are exploring reasons behind the decline of the honeybee population, including how agricutural pesticides might affect these beneficial insects.


Recent Publications

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Soybean breeding for improved oil quality by selecting high oleic low linolenic, high yielding lines using single nucleotide polymorphisms to identify mutant FAD2-1A, FAD2-1B, FAD3A and FAD3C alleles.  Willette, A., V. R. Pantalone, H. Bhandari, C. E. Sams, F. Chen, and V. R. Sykes.  2018.  Crop Science Society of America, ASA-CSSA Annual Meeting, November 4-7, 2018, Baltimore, MD. [Abstract]

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