Transport Research

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David P. Harper
Associate Professor
Forest products

Shawn A. Hawkins
Associate Professor
Animal waste management

Jaehoon Lee
Associate Professor
Environmental soil physics

John S. Tyner
Associate Professor
Unsaturated flow and transport

Jie (Joe) Zhuang
Fate and transport of envir. contaminant



Faculty 360 | Nour Abdoulmoumine, 9/17/2015


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Cotton Module Picker 
More and more producers are using cotton module pickers to get their crops from the field to the gin.


Recent Publications

Impact of Microbial Iron Oxide Reduction on the Transport of Diffusible Tracers and Non-diffusible Nanoparticles in Soils Liang, X., M. A. Radosevich, F. Loffler, S. M. Schaeffer, and J. Zhuang.  2019.  Chemosphere, 220, 391-402.

Opposite influences of mineral-associated and dissolved organic matter on the transport of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles through soil and aggregates Xu, S., X. J. Chen, and J. Zhuang.  2019.  Environmental Research, 171, 153-160.

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Investigating Lock Delay on the UpperMississippi River: a- Spatial Panel Analysis Yu, T. E., B. P. Sharma, and B. C. English.  2018.  Network and Spatial Economics, Online First March pp 1-17. [Abstract]

Forest Resources for Bioenergy.  Avila, G.S  2017.  Ph.D. Dissertation. [Abstract]