Topsoil Research

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No-Till Hills 
There was a time when sloped land was just about useless because of frequent soil erosion. But now, hilly terrain can be productive. 'No-till” farming makes it possible.


Recent Publications

Standard reclamation practice at post-mining chronosequences across the USA leads to fast recovery of C and N in soil organic matter fractions Angst, G., C. W. Mueller, M. Pivokonsky, J. A. Franklin, P. D. Stahl, and J. Frouz.  2017.  Environmental Management, 209, 216-226. [Abstract]

Forest Restoration Following Surface Mining Disturbance: Challenges and Solutions Macdonald, S. E., S. Landhäusser, J. Skousen, J. Frouz, S. Quideau, and S. Hall., and D. Jacobs.  2015.  New Forests, 46(5-6): 703-732. [Abstract]

Soil biota in post-mining sites along a climatic gradient in the USA: simple communities in shortgrass prairie recover faster than complex communities in tallgrass prairie and forest Frouz, J., V. Jílková, T. Cajthaml, V. Pizl, K. Tajovski, L. Hanel, A. Burasova, H. Simacova, K. Kolarikova, J. A. Franklin, J. Nawrot, and J. Groninger.  2013.  Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 67:212-225. [Abstract]

Evaluation of Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation (ASD) for Warm-season Vegetable Production in Tennessee.  McCarty, D. G., B. H. Ownley, A. L. Wszelaki, C. E. Sams, and D. M. Butler.  2012.  HortScience, 47(9):S330-331. [Abstract]

Effects of topsoil depth and soil amendments on corn yield and properties of two alfisols in central Ohio Jagadamma, S., R. Lal, and B. K. Rimal.  2009.  Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 64: 70-80.