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Neal S. Eash
Soil Science

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UT Organics 
Increasing farm income and keeping family farms in the family.



Five Things You Didn't Know about the AgResearch and Education Center at Milan, 10/14/2016


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Weed Research 
A climate that's good for a variety of crops means many types of weeds also thrive. UT AgResearch works to help farmers battle this yearly problem that can greatly affect their yields.

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No-Till Farming's Effect on May Flood 
May flooding caused extensive damage to agricultural production in Tennessee, but experts say it could have been much worse if not for the widespread use of no-till crop production.


Recent Publications

Physical, biochemical, and microbial controls on amino sugar accumulation in soils under long-term cover cropping and no-tillage farming Li, L., C. B. Wilson, H. He, X. Zhang, F. Zhou, and S. M. Schaeffer.  2019.  Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 135, 369-378.

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Thirty-four years of no-tillage and cover crops improve soil quality and increase cotton yield in Alfisols, Southeastern USA.  Nouri, A. G., J. Lee, D. D. Tyler, A. M. Saxton, and X. Yin.  2019.  Geoderma, v337:998-1008.

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Mapping Agricultural Subsurface Drainage by Proximal and Remote Sensing Technologies Integrated with a Satellite Navigation System - Invited Paper 351735 Allred, B., R. S. Freeland, D. Wishart, G. Rouse, and T. Williamson.  2018.  American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, Dec 10-14, Washington DC. [Abstract]

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