Subsurface Research

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Jie (Joe) Zhuang
Fate and transport of envir. contaminant

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Sub-Surface Sensing 
Ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic induction for mapping and exploration.


Recent Publications

Agricultural Drainage Tile Surveying Using an Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle Paired with Real-Time Kinematic Positioning—A Case Study Freeland, R. S., B. A. Allred, N. S. Eash, L. Martinez, and D. Wishart.  2019.  Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. [Abstract]

Viral and bacterial community responses to stimulated Fe(III)-bioreduction during simulated subsurface bioremediation Liang, X., J. Zhuang, F. E. Loffler, Y. Zhang, J. M. DeBruyn, S. W. Wlihelm, S. M. Schaeffer, and M. A. Radosevich.  2019.  Environmental Microbiology, 21, 2043-2055.

Suspended pavement systems as opportunities for subsurface bioretention Tirpak, R. A., J. M. Hathaway, J. A. Franklin, and E. Kuehler.  2019.  Ecological Engineering, 134: 39-46. [Abstract]

Effective and efficient agricultural drainage pipe mapping with UAS thermal infrared imagery: A case study Allred, B., N. S. Eash, R. S. Freeland, L. Martinez, and D. Wishart.  2018.  Agricultural Water Management, Volume 197, 15 January 2018, Pages 132-137. [Abstract]

Mapping Agricultural Subsurface Drainage by Proximal and Remote Sensing Technologies Integrated with a Satellite Navigation System - Invited Paper 351735 Allred, B., R. S. Freeland, D. Wishart, G. Rouse, and T. Williamson.  2018.  American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, Dec 10-14, Washington DC. [Abstract]

Incorporating Unmanned Aircraft Imaging with Ground-Penetrating Radar for Efficient Mapping of Agricultural Drainage Tile Systems.  Allred, B., R. S. Freeland, L. Martinez, and D. Wishart.  2018.  Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, EEGS, SAGEEP Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems 2018 Nashville, TN. [Abstract]

Hydraulics of subsurface drip irrigation during non-steady state conditions.  Buchanan, J. R.  2018.  Proceedings, National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association, Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference, National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association, Doubletree, Bloomington, Minnesota. October 21-24, 2018. [Abstract]

Development of a Distributed Hydrologic Model for a Region with Fragipan Soils to Study Impacts of Climate on Soil Moisture: A Case Study on the Obion River Watershed in West Tennessee Ghaneeizad, S., A. Papanicolaou, B. Abban, C. Wilson, C. Giannopoulos, D. M. Lambert, F. R. Walker, and S. A. Hawkins.  2018.  Geosciences, Geosciences 2018, 8, 364. [Abstract]

Best Management Practices for Livestock Production and Operations in Karst Areas Harry Moore, and E. C. Drumm.  2018.  Extension web publication W 453-B. [Abstract]

Evaluating the influence of design strategies and meteorological factors on tree transpiration in bioretention suspended pavement practices Tirpak, R. A., J. M. Hathaway, and J. A. Franklin.  2018.  Ecohydrology. [Abstract]

Colloid-Mediated Transport of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products through Porous Media Xing, Y. N., X. J. Chen, X. Chen, and J. Zhuang.  2016.  Scientific Reports, 6, 35407. [Abstract]

Coupled effect of extended DLVO and capillary interactions on the retention and transport of colloids through unsaturated porous media Xu, S., J. Qi, X. J. Chen, V. Lazouskaya, Y. Jin, and J. Zhuang.  2016.  Science of The Total Environment, 573, 564-572. [Abstract]