Shortages Research

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SunGrant Initiative 
Renewable energy, revitalizing rural areas, and biobased industries.


Recent Publications

Schmitz, D. Low prices, weather, trade play into wheat and straw shortages.  Raper, T. B.  2019.  Farm World.

Using Conservation Agriculture to Sustainably Intensify Maize Production and Increase Yields in the Maphutseng valley, Lesotho.  Walker, F. R., N. S. Eash, M. V. Marake, and D. M. Lambert.  2014.  Proceedings, Proceedings of World Congress of Conservation Agriculture, June 22 to 25, 2014. Winnipeg, Canada. [Abstract]

Use of alternative funding sources to promote nontraditional educational programs for beef producers Turner, J., and C. D. Lane, Jr..  2009.  Journal of Animal Science, 87 ( E-Suppl. 3). [Abstract]