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David S Buckley
Forest ecology and silviculture

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Tree Physiology 
Physical environment impact on the growth and function of native tree species.



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Recent Publications

Restoration of Shortleaf Pine (Pinus echinata)-Hardwood Mixtures in Low Quality, Mixed, Upland Hardwood Stands Using Cluster Planting and Natural Regeneration.  Clabo, D. C, and W. K. Clatterbuck.  2019.  Forests.

A fundamental understanding of whole biomass dissolution in ionic liquid for regeneration of fiber by solution-spinning Nguyen, N. A., K. Kim, C. C. Bowland, J. K. Keum, L. T. Kearney, N. O. Andre, N. Labbé, and A. K. Naskar.  2019.  Green Chemistry, 21, 4354-4367.

Embryogenic cell suspensions for high-capacity genetic transformation and regeneration of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.). Biotechnology for Biofuels 12: 290. DOI : 10.1186/s13068-019-1632-3 Ondzighi-Assoume, C.A, J. Willis, W. Ouma, S. Allen, Z. King, W. Parrottt, W. Liu, J. N. Burris, S. Lenaghan, and C. N. Stewart, Jr..  2019.  Biotechnology for Biofuels.

Survival, Growth, and Establishment of Planted Shortleaf Pine and Natural Hardwood Regeneration on Scarified Areas in Partially Cut Stands.  Clabo, D.C., and W. K. Clatterbuck.  2018.  Proceedings, 19th Biennial Southern Silviculture Research Conference, Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA, March 14-16, 2017. e-Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-234. Asheville, NC: USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station., p. 251-259.

Northern red oak regeneration: 25-year results of cutting and prescribed fire in Michigan oak and pine stands.  Granger, J. J., D. S. Buckley, T. L. Sharik, J. M. Zobel, W. W. DeBord, J. P. Hartman, J. G. Henning, T. L. Keyser, and J. M. Marshall.  2018.  Forest Ecology and Management, 429: 467-479.

Alpha-arylphorin is a mitogen in the Heliothis virescens midgut cell secretome upon Cry1Ac intoxication Castagnola. A., J. Jackson, O. P. Perera, C. Oppert, S. Eda, and J. L. Jurat-Fuentes.  2017.  PeerJ, 5:e3886. [Abstract]

In vitro plant regeneration from ovules of Taraxacum officinale and T. koksaghyz Chandrasekera, B. S. G., H. Fluess, Y. C. Zhao, R. N. Trigiano, and T. Winkelmann.  2017.  African J. Biotechnology, 16(34):1764-1775.

Regeneration of imperiled hardwoods in the Eastern United States.  Granger, J. J.  2017.  Ph.D. Dissertation.

25-year effects of cutting and prescribed fire on northern red oak regeneration in Michigan oak and pine stands.  Granger, J. J., D. S. Buckley, T. L. Sharik, J. M. Zobel, W. W. DeBord, J. P. Hartman, J. G. Henning, T. L. Keyser, and J. M. Marshall.  2017.  Poster, Abstracts, Oak Symposium, Sustaining Oak Forests in the 21st Century through Science-based Management. October 24-26, 2017. Knoxville, TN.

Artificial Regeneration.  Buckley, D. S., and V. L. Ford.  2016.  Book Chapter, Pp. 85-98 in Keyser, P.D., T. Fearer, and C.A. Harper eds. 2016. Managing Oak Forests in the Eastern United States. CRC Press, New York.

Intestinal regeneration as an insect resistance mechanism to entomopathogenic bacteria.  Castagnola, A., and J. L. Jurat-Fuentes.  2016.  Current Opinion in Insect Science, Volume 15, June 2016, Pages 104-110. [Abstract]

Establishment of American chestnuts (Castanea dentata) bred for blight (Cryphonectria parasitica) resistance: influence of breeding and nursery grading Clark, S. L., S. E. Schlarbaum, A. M. Saxton, and F. V. Hebard.  2016.  New Forests, 47(2): 243-270. [Abstract]