Rainwater Research

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Obed Watershed 
For every flowing river in Tennessee, there are many streams that feed it. A group of volunteers on Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau work to preserve water quality in these tributaries.

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High Tunnels 
Some Tennessee nursery farmers use what are called “high tunnel” greenhouses – an inexpensive way to protect crops from temperatures that are either too hot or cold.


Recent Publications

Utilizing rainwater harvesting, surface mulches, row covers, and cover crops for organic vegetables in high tunnels.  Leib, B. G., D. M. Butler, M. Zheng, D. Muchoki, T. Grant, and W. C. Wright.  2016.  Abstract and Presentation at China-US Center for Soil Productivity and Environmental Conservation, Shenyang, China, October 25, 2016.

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Monitoring Presence of Shiga Toxigenic Escherichia coli (STEC), Salmonella and Indicator Microbes within Rainwater Catchment Systems.  Smith, D., S. Gorman, B. G. Leib, M. Zheng, A. L. Wszelaki, and F. Critzer.  2015.  Journal of Food Protection, Supplement A, 78:122, Portland, OR, July 25-28, 2015.

Water use efficiency evaluation in high tunnel rainwater collection systems.  Vanchiasong, P., and B. G. Leib.  2015.  ASABE Annual International Meeting, July 26-29, 2015, New Orleans, LA.

Rainwater: Your Liquid Asset. A Home Stormwater Activity Ludwig, A. L., and R. A. Hanahan.  2013.  Extension publication.

Policy and Place: A studio method to understand, evaluate and implement place-appropriate stormwater best practices to satisfy Clean Water Act requirements.  Collett, B. P.  2012.  Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture 2012, Urbana-Champaign, IL, March 28-31, 2012 – Juried Abstract + Conference Presentation. [Abstract]

The potential of rainwater harvesting in Tennessee.  Logan, J.  2012.  Proceedings of the 2012 annual meeting., Tennessee Chapter of the American Water Resources Association, Montgomery Bell State Park, TN. April 13-15, 2012. (oral presentation). [Abstract]

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Helping Rural Communities in the Dominican Republic and Guatemala with Low Cost Sources of Clean Drinking Water Teg, A., F. R. Walker, J. Schwartz, and N. S. Eash.  2009.  Proceedings of 19th Ann. Tenn. Water Res. Symp., April 15 to 17, 2009. [Abstract]