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Policy Analysis 
Policies, regulations, and conditions affecting the farming and ag sector.



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A recent report says the U.S. could produce a billion tons of biofuel materials each year, without impacting food supplies. We are working on ways to produce biomass and alternative fuels.


Recent Publications

Public policy and its effects on Mexico’s housing industry Rodriguez-Reyes, L., C. Trejo-Pech, and M. Pasillas-Torres.  2019.  International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis., 12(2): 246-264. [Abstract]

Effects of Agricultural Subsidy Policies on Comparative Advantage and Production Protection in China: An Application with a Policy Analysis Matrix Model.  Zheng, S., D. M. Lambert, S. Wang, and Z. Wang.  2013.  Chinese Economy, 46(1): 20 – 37.

Economic and Environmental Impacts of the Corn Grain Ethanol Industry on the United States Agricultural Sector Larson, J. A., B. C. English, D. G. De La Torre Ugarte, R. J. Menard, C. M. Hellwinckel, and T. O. West.  2010.  Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 65(5): 267-279. [Abstract]

Rethinking US Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Policy Analysis Center, The University of Tennessee, 2003.  Ray, D. E., D. G. De La Torre Ugarte, and K. J. Tiller.  2007.  Reproduced: Tercera parte, Ingresos y Bienestar Social, p. 373-391. in Experiencias De Crisis Y Estrategias De Desarrollo, Autonomía Económica y Globalización. Editors: Nadal, Alejandro and Aguayo, Francisco, 2007.