Military Research

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Angela Deloris (Angie) Beaty
Extension Assistant I
Operation Military Kids Program Coordinator

Groups and Facilities

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Center for Native Grasslands Management 
Forage production, biofuels production, restoration of native grassland communities, and wildlife conservation.


Recent Publications

Analysis of vehicle platoon movement and speed-spacing relationships during military exercises Ayers, P. D., and M. Rice.  2017.  Journal of Terramechanics, 73(2017): 37-47.

2016-2017 4-H Military Club final report.  Brawner, S.  2017.  National 4-H Council.

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Analysis of vehicle platoon movement during military exercises.  Ayers, P. D., and M. Rice.  2016.  Presented at the Conference of the International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems, Detroit, MI..

Monitoring and managing military vehicle-terrain impacts.  Ayers, P. D., A. Anderson, and H. Howard.  2015.  Presented at the Conference of the International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems, Rome, Italy.

Military vehicle off-road axle power requirements as related to soil and tire compression.  Ayers, P. D., D. Wade, and M. Ellison.  2013.  Conference of the International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems, Tampa, FL.

Monitoring grassland bird populations on Fort Campbell Military Reservation, Kentucky-Tennessee, with a special emphasis on Bachman's Sparrow (Peucaea aestivalis).  Hockman, E. V.  2013.  M. S. thesis, University of Tennessee, Knoxville..

Multipass coefficients for terrain impacts based on military vehicle type and dynamic operating properties.  Kane, J., P. D. Ayers, H. Howard, A. Anderson, and D. Koch.  2013.  Journal of Terramechanics, 50 (2013) 175-183.

GIS-based Stream bank mapping to identify areas of erosion potential on rivers/streams within military installations.  Ayers, P. D., B. Connell, and K. Swinson.  2012.  NWFWA Conference. Atlanta, GA.

A GPS-based Mobility Power Model for Military Vehicle Applications.  Bozdech, G.  2012.  M.S. Thesis.

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