Grinding Research

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Size reduction and separation of biomass for energy production and bio-products.


Recent Publications

Length-controlled cellulose nanofibrils produced using enzyme pretreatment and grinding Chen, Y., D. Fan, Y. Han, G. Li, S. Wang, and Y. Li.  2017.  Cellulose, 24:54315442.

Formation of Nanoplastics from Biodegradable Plastic Mulch Films and Characterization of their Behavior in Soil Hayes, D. G., A. Astner, H. M. O'Neill, B. R. Evans, S. V. Pingali, and V. S. Urban.  2017.  BioEnvironmental Polymer Society 24th Annual Meeting, Albany, CA, 20-22 September 2017. [Abstract]

Development of size reduction equations for calculating energy input for grinding lignocellulosic particles.  Naimi, L., S. Sokhansanj, X. Bi, C. Lim, A. R. Womac, A. Lau, and S. Melin.  2013.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 29(1):93-100.

Workshop - Profile knife grinding, molder set-up and operation.  Taylor, A. M.  2011.  FWF Update Newsletter, April.

Development of population balance model and its application to grinding switchgrass in a knife mill.  Naimi, L.J., S. Sokhansanj, X. Bi, C.J. Lim, A. R. Womac, M. Emami, M. Hoque, and P.S. Lam.  2008.  Naimi, L.J., S. Sokhansanj, X. Bi, C.J. Lim, A. R. Womac, and M. Emami, M. Hoque, P.S. Lam. Paper No. 084993, ASABE, St. Joseph, MI.

Sorption equilibrium moisture characteristics of selected corn stover components.  Cannayen, I., A. R. Womac, S. Sokhansanj, and L. O. Pordesimo.  2005.  Transactions of the ASAE 48(4): 1449-1460. [Abstract]