Gasoline Research

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SunGrant Initiative 
Renewable energy, revitalizing rural areas, and biobased industries.



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Recent Publications

Effects of Travel Cost and Participation in Recreational Activities on National Forest Visits Cho, S., J. M. Bowker, D. B. K. English, R. K. Roberts, and T. Kim.  2014.  Forest Policy and Economics, 40:21-30. [Abstract]

Ethanolís use in gasoline production would be the same with or without RFS waiver Ray, D. E., and H. D. Schaffer.  2012.  MidAmerica Farmer Grower, 33(48). November 30, 2012.

Optimal Draw Area and Feedstock Delivery Schedule of Biorefineries in the Southeast U.S. Based on Least Cost and Producersí Willingness to Plant a Dedicated Energy Crop.  Tu, Wen  2011.  Ph.D. Dissertation. [Abstract]

Comparing the environmental and economic impacts of propane and gasoline fueled mowers.  Haselbauer, W.M., J. C. Sorochan, J. T. Brosnan, and T. J. Samples.  2009.  Agronomy Abstracts 2009. Annual Meeting. CD-ROM.

Emissions, economic and performance analysis of propane vs. gasoline fueled mowers.  Haselbauer, W.D., J. C. Sorochan, and T. J. Samples.  2008.  First Year Report to the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), 1140 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 1075, Washington, DC 20036. December.

Octane ratings of Gasoline.  Wills, Jr., J. B.  1998.  SP 268-L. Agricultural Extension Service, The University of Tennessee.