Fruit Research

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Steven C. (Steve) Bost
Fruit, vegetable & tobacco diseases

Natalie Ruth Bumgarner
Assistant Professor

Dennis E. Deyton
Fruit crop improvement

Megan L. Leffew
Extension Specialist II
Marketing Specialist

David W. Lockwood
Tree fruits and nuts

Bode Adebowale Olukolu
Assistant Professor

Carl E. Sams
Distinguished Professor
Crop physiology

Groups and Facilities

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Protected Agriculture 
From hydroponics to organic raised beds, from computer-controlled greenhouses to simple rain shelters.

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UTIA Greenhouses 
High tech facilities help support agricultural research


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Greenhouse Protected Agriculture 
More and more of the fruits and vegetables we eat are grown indoors.

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Bee Research 
Researchers at the UT Institute of Agriculture are exploring reasons behind the decline of the honeybee population, including how agricutural pesticides might affect these beneficial insects.

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It's rare to find a food that's both good-tasting and good for you. But with blueberries, you get both.

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High Tunnels 
Some Tennessee nursery farmers use what are called “high tunnel” greenhouses – an inexpensive way to protect crops from temperatures that are either too hot or cold.

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Cotton Sub-Irrigation 
Watering plants to make them grow works in a small garden or lawn, but is not so easy when you're talking about large acres. However, UT AgResearchers have made gains in recent years.

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Soil Testing 
If you’re looking for a healthy garden or green grass, it’s good to know the content of your soil. UT Extension offers inexpensive soil tests, and it’s all done in a special lab in Nashville.

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Sweet corn 
UT AgResearchers applied herbicides to experimental sweet corn to keep weeds away. But something unexpected happened -- they boosted the nutritional value of the corn.

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Cotton Module Picker 
More and more producers are using cotton module pickers to get their crops from the field to the gin.

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Gourmet Food Safety 
We all want good-tasting foods, but what we eat also has to be safe. UT’s Institute of Agriculture works with producers statewide in food safety programs.


Recent Publications

Applications of Abscisic Acid and Increasing Concentrations of Calcium Affect the Partitioning of Mineral Nutrients between Tomato Leaf and Fruit Tissue Barickman, T. C., D. A. Kopsell, and C. E. Sams.  2019.  Horticulturae, 2019,5,49: 1-11. [Abstract]

Fruiting crop production in small-scale soilless and hydroponic systems.  Bumgarner, N. R., and R. Hochmuth.  2019.  UT Extension W-844C.

Evaluation of Specific Ratios of Narrow-Band Blue and Red Led Lights on Plant Growth and Yield of Soilless Cultivated Strawberries.  Deyton, D. E., C. E. Sams, J. C. Cummins, and J. Chase.  2019.  HortScience, 54(9) S193. [Abstract]

Dissolution in Ionic Liquids (and Deep Eutectic Solvents?): an Environmentally Sustainable Approach for the for the Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass.  Hayes, D. G.  2019.  International Palm Oil Congress (PIPOC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 19-21 November 2019. [Abstract]

Ants, plants and fungi: Active ant nests remain low in plant pathogenic fungi throughout the myrmecochore fruiting season.  Lash, C. L., and C. Kwit.  2019.  Entomological Society of America annual meeting, St. Louis, MO, Nov. 17-20 (poster)..

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Effect of Genotype and Plastic Film Type on Strawberry Fruit Quality and Post-Harvest Shelf Life W. Dong, Y. Lu, T. Yang, F. Trouth, K. S. Lewers, C. S. T. Daughtry, and Z. Cheng.  2019.  International Journal of Fruit Science.

The effects of processing on Garcinia xanthochymus fruit beverage.  Wickramasinghe, P., A. Murray, M. Sahoo, M. Dein, C. R. Luckett, V. P. Dia, and J. P. Munafo.  2019.  Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization, 1-14.

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Diversity and functional evolution of terpene synthases in dictyostelid social amoebae Chen, X., T. G. Köllner, G. Shaulsky, Q. D. Jia, J. S. Dickschat, J. Gershenzon, and F. Chen.  2018.  Scientific Reports, 25;8(1):14361. [Abstract]