Flowering Research

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Recent Publications

The Physcomitrella patens chromosome-scale assembly reveals moss genome structure and evolution D. Lang, P. Ranjan, et al.  2018.  the plant journal. [Abstract]

Dogwood anthracnose: the story continues Trigiano, R. N., D. Hadziabdic, K. Mantooth, M. T. Windham, B. H. Ownley, M. E. Staton, S. Miller, and N. Zhang.  2018.  Acta Horticulturae, 1191: 77-82. [Abstract]

Using plant growth regulators on hydrangea species to control plant size and increase branching and flowering during nursery production Fulcher, A., and A. V. LeBude.  2017.  Extension Publication, W 470 9 pp.

Light and temperature effects on miR156 transgenic switchgrass flowering: a simulated latitudinal study Johnson, C. R., R. J. Millwood, Z. Y. Wang, and C. N. Stewart, Jr..  2017.  Plant Direct, 1:1-6.

The development and use of a molecular model for soybean maturity groups Langewisch, T., J. Lenis, G. L. Jiang, D. Wang, V. R. Pantalone, and K. Bilyeu.  2017.  BMC Plant Biology, 17:91 pp. 1-13. [Abstract]

Current and future trends in chilling, spring temperatures, and spring freezes in Tennessee. , 25-28 June, Asheville, NC.  Logan, J.  2017.  23rd Conference on Applied Climatology, 25-28 June, Asheville, NC. [Abstract]

Hydrangea primer: Flowering & bluing. Nursery Management.  Owen, J. S., A. V. LeBude, and A. Fulcher.  2017.  Nursery Management, August 31, 2017.

Mapping Daily Light Integrals for Greenhouse Production.  Logan, J., C. E. Sams, and J. Faust.  2016.  22nd Conference on Applied Climatology, New Orleans, LA, Jan 10-14, 2016. [Abstract]

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Field production of deciduous flowering shrubs Halcomb, M., and A. Fulcher.  2013.  UT-UK IPM for Shrub Production Manual.