Fertilizer Research

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Neal S. Eash
Soil Science

Hubert J. (Hugh) Savoy
Associate Professor, Emeritus
Soil fertility/testing for sustainable production



UTIA Studies Profitability of Enhanced Efficiency Urea Fertilizers, 11/9/2018


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Soil Testing 
If you’re looking for a healthy garden or green grass, it’s good to know the content of your soil. UT Extension offers inexpensive soil tests, and it’s all done in a special lab in Nashville.

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Preventing Nitrate Toxicity in Cattle 
UT experts talk about the danger of nitrate toxicity and how you can prevent it on your farm.

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Ag Year Preview 
Spring is almost here, and it’s just about time for Tennessee farmers to plant their 2012 crops. All indications are - things are looking good for producers, following what was a good year in 2011.

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High Input Costs 
Food prices have been going up, but so are the production costs for farmers who grow what we eat. Farm expenses are at record highs for Tennessee row-crop producers.

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Home Tomato Production 
UT Extension shares tips that can enhance the quality of the tomatoes you grow in your garden.


Recent Publications

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