Feed Research

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John Brian (Brian) Alford
Assistant Professor
Fishery conservation and management

Hem Bhandari
Assistant Professor
Bioenergy/biomass Feedstock

Burton C. (Burt) English
Production Economics

Shawn A. Hawkins
Associate Professor
Animal waste management



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Food vs. Fuel 
UT Ag Researchers are studying what could be a compromise between food and fuel.


Recent Publications

Maximizing Microbes: Improving feed efficiency and nutrition for sustainable beef.  Myer, P.  2019.  Supporters of Agricultural Research Foundation (SoAR), Invited article. To be published 2019.

Midgut metabolomic profiling of fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) with field-evolved resistance to Cry1F corn Abdelgaffar, H., E. Tague, H. F. Castro-Gonzalez, S. R. Campagna, and J. L. Jurat-Fuentes.  2018.  Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, pii: S0965-1748(18)30401-6. [Abstract]

The novel cyst nematode effector protein 30D08 targets host nuclear functions to alter gene expression in feeding sites.  Anju, V., C. Lee, S. Morriss, F. Odu, C. Kenning, N. Rizzo, B. Spollen, M. Lin, A. McRae, S. Givan, T. Hewezi, and M. G. Mitchum.  2018.  New Phytologist, 219: 697-713..

Biochemical and Microbial Biomarkers of Feed Efficiency in Black Angus Steers B. A. Clemmons, C. Martino, M. M. Embree, E. A. Melchior, B. H. Voy, S. R. Campanga, and P. Myer.  2018.  Journal of Animal Science, 96, (Issue suppl_2) 237.

Effects of pasture quality on feed efficiency and production or organic dairy cows in the southeastern United States.  Bailey, H.R., D. M. Butler, G. E. Bates, G. M. Pighetti, P. D. Krawczel, S. R. Smith, K. Mercier, D. McIntosh, and A. Rius.  2018.  Journal of Dairy Science, 101:12.

Seasonal Prices for Tennessee Feeder Cattle and Cows.  Bowling, R. G.  2018.  University of Tennessee Extension Publication, D 39.

Lipolysis Rapidly Induces the Formation of N-acyl Amino Acids In Vivo C. Gibson, S. Zaver, S. Campagna, and B. H. Voy.  2018.  The Obesity Society, T-P-3370; Obesity Week 2018. [Abstract]

Biochemical and Microbial Biomarkers of Feed Efficiency in Black Angus Steers Clemmons, B. A.  2018.  Journal of Animal Science, 96, (Issue suppl_2) 237.

Biochemical and Microbial Biomarkers Mediating Feed Efficiency in Cattle.  Clemmons, B. A.  2018.  M.S. Thesis.

Economic and Environmental Implications of Incorporating Distillersí Dried Grains with Solubles in Feed Rations of Growing and Finishing Swine in Argentina De Matteis, M.C., T. E. Yu, C. Boyer, K. L. DeLong, and J. K. Smith.  2018.  International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 21(6):803Ė816. [Abstract]

The effect of feeding ferric citrate on rumen microbial communities and methanogenesis in growing beef steers E. A. Melchior, K. E. Hales, A. K. Lindholm-Perry, J. E. Wells, and P. Myer.  2018.  Journal of Animal Science, 96, (Issue suppl_1) 14.

Current state of wearable precision technologies in disease detection.  Eckelkamp, E.  2018.  The Professional Animal Scientist. [Abstract]