Fauna Research

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John Brian (Brian) Alford
Assistant Professor
Fishery conservation and management

Groups and Facilities

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Center for Native Grasslands Management 
Forage production, biofuels production, restoration of native grassland communities, and wildlife conservation.


Recent Publications

First report of the springtail Folsomia diplophthalma (Axelson) (Collembola: Isotomidae) from Iran.  Abdolalizadeh, F., M. Khayrandish, M. Shayanmehr, and E. C. Bernard.  2018.  Journal of Entomological Society of Iran, Vol. 38 (1): 133-136 (in Persian). [Abstract]

Associations Between Fish and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Biotic Integrity and Non-Point Source Pollution Estimates in the Nolichucky River Watershed.  Alford, J. B., and H. S. Gotwald.  2018.  Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science. [Abstract]

Reassignment of Western Australia Paracnephia gladiator Moulton & Adler to a new genus, Bunyipellum (Diptera: Simuliidae) Craig, D. A., D. C. Currie, and J. K. Moulton.  2018.  Zootaxa, 4375(3): 341–357. [Abstract]

Facilitating early detection and rapid response: an alert system to combat emerging herpetofaunal diseases Gray, M. J., M. C. Allender, K. H. Haman, R. N. Harris, and D. H. Olson.  2018.  Wildlife Professional, 12:33-35.

Spatial impacts of a multi-individual grave on microbial and microfaunal communities and soil biogeochemistry Keenan, S. W., A. L. Emmons, L. S. Taylor, G. Phillips, A. R. Mason, A. Z. Mundorff, E. C. Bernard, J. Davoren, and J. M. DeBruyn.  2018.  PLoS ONE, 13 (12): e0208845.

The nematofauna of the world’s largest diplopod, Archispirostrepus gigas. Society of Nematology, 57th annual meeting, Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 24, 2018.  Phillips, G., and E. C. Bernard.  2018.  Journal of Nematology.

Molecular systematics of Thaumaleidae (Insecta: Diptera): The first phylogeny depicting intergeneric relationships and other taxonomic discoveries.  Pivar, R. J.  2018.  Ph.D. Dissertation. [Abstract]

Revision of the western Nearctic Androprosopa (Diptera: Thaumaleidae) and descriptions of three new species Pivar, R. J., J. K. Moulton, and B. J. Sinclair.  2018.  Insect Systematics and Evolution. [Abstract]

Third International Symposium on Ranaviruses: Advancing the understanding of the threat of ranaviruses to North American herpetofauna.  Duffus, A. L. J., P. Johnson, V. G. Chinchar, M. J. Gray, and T. B. Waltzek.  2017.  Journal of North American Herpetology, 2017:34-36.

Pathogen surveillance in herpetofaunal populations: guidance on study design, sample collection, biosecurity, and intervention strategies Gray, M. J., A. L. J. Duffus, K. H. Haman, R. N. Harris, M. C. Allender, T. A. Thompson, M. R. Christman, A. Sacerdote-Velat, J. M. Williams, and D. L. Miller.  2017.  Herpetological Review, 48:334-351.

Revisionary studies of the Nearctic Dixidae (Diptera): the Dixa inextricata and D. modesta species complexes Moulton, J. K.  2016.  Proceedings: The XXV International Congress of Entomology, Orlando, FL, September 25-30. [Abstract]

Molecular Systematics and New Species of Nearctic Androprosopa Mik (Diptera: Thaumaleidae).  Pivar, R. J., and J. K. Moulton.  2016.  Proceedings: The XXV International Congress of Entomology, Orlando, FL, September 25-30. [Abstract]