Culinary Research

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Gourmet Food Safety 
We all want good-tasting foods, but what we eat also has to be safe. UTís Institute of Agriculture works with producers statewide in food safety programs.


Recent Publications

Development and Implementation of a Culinary Science Course for Food Science Students.  Wenke, M., and J. K. Richards.  2018.  Proceedings of the International Association of Food Protection, International Association of Food Protection Annual Meeting, July 8-12, 2018, Salt Lake City, UT.

Selenization of basil and cilantro through foliar applications of selenate-Se and selenite-Se.  Kopsell, D. A., C. E. Sams, T. C. Barickman, D. E. Deyton, and D. E. Kopsell.  2009.  HortScience, 44(2):438-442. [Abstract]

Epazote: a Mexican culinary herb with antifungal properties Diroff, T., and M. Gimmel.  2008.  National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Salisbury, MD, April 10-12, 2008.