Cropland Research

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Weed Diagnostics Center 
Diagnostic testing for weeds of crop and non-crop systems including turfgrass, ornamentals, and utility rights of way.


Recent Publications

Soil carbon dioxide respiration in switchgrass fields: Assessing annual, seasonal and daily flux patterns Lee, J., J. McKnight, L. Skinner, A. C. Sherfy, D. D. Tyler, and B. C. English.  2018.  Soil Systems, 2(1), March 1. [Abstract]

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Soil greenhouse gas emissions under long-term conservation management in a continuous cotton cropland in West Tennessee.  Schaeffer, S. M., J. Konkel, V. L. Jin, and D. D. Tyler.  2017.  ASA-CCSA-SSSA Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL.

Tennessee Cropland, Irrigated Cropland, and Pastureland Cash Rental Rates for 2017.  Smith, A., R. G. Bowling, and T. Johnson.  2017.  Extension Publication, October, W377.

Simulated Impact of the Renewable Fuels Standard on U.S. Conservation Reserve Program Enrollment and Conversion Hellwinckel, C. M., C. Clark, M. H. Langholtz, and L. M. Eaton.  2016.  Global Change Biology Bioenergy. [Abstract]

Tennessee Cropland, Irrigated Cropland and Pastureland Cash Rental Rates for 2016.  Smith, A., R. G. Bowling, and T. Johnson.  2016.  Extension Pub, W377.

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Fencing Pastures, Cropland and Rented Ground.  Griffith, A. P.  2015.  Tennessee Cattle Business.

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Post-harvest fates of agricultural seeds in Tennessee croplands Foster, M.A., M. J. Gray, C. A. Harper, and R.M. Kaminski.  2011.  Proceedings of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 64:81-87.

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