Cloning Research

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UTIA Researchers Develop Kit for Chloroplast Engineering in Plants, 3/25/2019

Down to the Short Rows, 11/17/2015


Recent Publications

MoChlo: A Versatile, Modular Cloning Toolbox for Chloroplast Biotechnology Occhialini, A., A. A. Piatek, A. C. Pfotenhauer, T. P. Frazier, C. N. Stewart, Jr., and S. Lenaghan.  2019.  Plant Physiology.

Biochemical characterization of microbial type terpene synthases in two closely related species of hornworts, Anthoceros punctatus and Anthoceros agrestis W. D. Xiong, J. Y. Fu, T. G. Köllner, X. Chen, Q. D. Jia, H. Guo, P. Qian, G. J. Wu, and F. Chen.  2018.  Phytochemistry, 149: 116-122. [Abstract]

Development of TA-cloning vectors for promoter screening in monocots and dicots.  Dhillon, T., E. M. Dlugosz, J. N. Burris, S. Lenaghan, and C. N. Stewart, Jr..  2016.  World Congress on In Vitro Biology SIVB, San Diego, CA.

Cloning by somatic cell nuclear transfer.  Edwards, J. L., and F. N. Schrick.  2015.  Bovine Reproduction, hard copy book published during reporting period Pages 771-783, Chapter 82, in Bovine Reproduction, First Edition, editor Richard M. Hopper; 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Cloning and overexpression of two plant glycosyl hydrolases involved in cell wall synthesis for reduced recalcitrance in switchgrass.  Willis, J. D., A. G. Collins, J. N. Grant, D. G. J. Mann, M. Mazarei, and C. N. Stewart, Jr..  2012.  Bioenergy Science Center (BESC) Retreat, Chattanooga, TN, USA.

Functional cloning and characterization of antibiotic resistance genes from chicken gut microbiome.  Zhou, W., Y. Wang, and J. Lin.  2012.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 78:3028-3032.

Molecular cloning and biochemical characterization of an Endo-β-mannanase gene from soybean for soybean meal improvement.  Lin, J., V. R. Pantalone, Li, G.L., and F. Chen.  2011.  J. Agri. Food Chem., 59:4622-4628. [Abstract]

Identification, cloning, and expression of a GHF9 cellulase from Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) Willis, J. D., B. Oppert, C. J. Oppert, W. E. Klingeman, and J. L. Jurat-Fuentes.  2011.  J. Insect Physiol., 57(2): 300-306. [Abstract]

Functional cloning and characterization of antibiotic resistance genes from chicken gut microflora.  Zhou, W.  2011.  MS thesis.

cDNA cloning and functional characterization of a phenylpropanoid biosynthesis repressor- PvMYB1 in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum).  Shen, H., X. Z. He, C. Poovaiah, H. Wang, L. Jackson, C. N. Stewart, Jr., Chen, F., and R. Dixon.  2010.  Fourth BESC Science Retreat, Asheville, June 20-23 2010, poster 102.

Functional cloning of novel antibiotic resistance genes in chicken gut microflora.  Zhou, W., and J. Lin.  2010.  91th Annual Meeting of Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases. Abst. 111. Dec 5-7, Chicago.

Cloning and characterization of the Cry1Ac-binding alkaline phosphatase (HvALP) from Heliothis virescens Perera, O.P., Willis, J.D., Adang, M.J., and J. L. Jurat-Fuentes.  2009.  Insect Biochem Mol Biol. 39(4):294-302. [Abstract]