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Bottle Art at UT Gardens Jackson 
More than 6,000 bottles were used to create this stunning garden display!


Recent Publications

Observations and Conversations: Home Preparation of Infant Formula Among a Sample of Low-Income Mothers in the Southeastern US Ellison, R.G., B. P. Greer, J. L. Burney, L. S. Goodell, K. B. Bower, J. C. Nicklas, X. Lou, and K. F. Kavanagh.  2017.  Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, Vol 49 (7) 579-587.e1. [Abstract]

Three-phased project for reducing modifications to bottles of prepared infant formula: Bottle content analysis, development of consumer-tested messages, and RCT to assess impact. Results of Phase I and implementation of Phase III.  Burney, J. L., B. P. Greer, K. Bower, R. Graves, L. S. Goodell, J. Nicklas, and K. Kavanagh.  2013.  Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior, Portland, OR.