Biomass Research

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Nourredine (Nour) Abdoulmoumine
Assistant Professor
Biomass Conversion

Hem Bhandari
Assistant Professor
Bioenergy/biomass Feedstock

Joseph John (Joe) Bozell
Conversion of renewable materials

Stephen C. Chmely
Research Assistant Professor
Biomass conversion technologies

Burton C. (Burt) English
Production Economics

Christopher M. (Chris) Helton
Research Coordinator II
Biomass processing

Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes
Associate Professor
Insect physiology and molecular pathology

Nicole (Niki) Labbé

Timothy G. (Tim) Rials
Associate Dean and Associate Director
Renewable carbon

Erin G. Webb
Joint Professor
Agricultural Engineer

Alvin R. (Al) Womac
Equipment performance & environmental impact

Xiaofei (Philip) Ye
Value-added bioprocess engineering

Groups and Facilities

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Sun Grant BioWeb 
Providing current info to use biomass resources for bioenergy and bioproducts.

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Size reduction and separation of biomass for energy production and bio-products.

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Bio-Based Energy Analysis 
A potential win for energy, agriculture, and the environment.

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Hardwood Genomics Project 
Creating genomic resources for the most important hardwood species in North America.



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Wood for Biomass 
Tennessee's vast forests might someday be used for biomass.

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Southern Part. for Integr. Biomass Supply Systems 
The Southern Partnership for Integrated Biomass Supply Systems

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Center for Renewable Carbon 
AgResearchers at UT are developing ways of converting renewable carbon sources from plants into fuels and other products

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Switchgrass Forage 
Experts with UT's Institute of Agriculture believe switchgrass is nutritious for farm animals, and environmentally friendly.

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Renewable Carbon Tree Harvest 
Trees that we harvest can become our fuel, energy, and industrial products. Finding the best materials for this purpose is part of the mission for UT's Center for Renewable Carbon.

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A recent report says the U.S. could produce a billion tons of biofuel materials each year, without impacting food supplies. We are working on ways to produce biomass and alternative fuels.


Recent Publications

Genetic Variation for Biomass Yield and Identification of Genomic Regions Associated with Regrowth Vigor and Salinity Tolerance in Lowland Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.).  Nayak, S.  2020.  Ph.D. Dissertation. [Abstract]

Recycling hot-water extractions of lignocellulosic biomass in bio-refinery for synthesis of carbon nanoparticles with amplified luminescence and its application in temperature sensing Zhang, L., S. Lyu, Q. Zhang, S. C. Chmely, L. Wu, C. Melcher, K. Rajan, D. P. Harper, S. Wang, and Z. Chen.  2020.  Industrial Crops and Products.

Fast pyrolysis bio-oil from lignocellulosic biomass for the development of bio-based cyanate esters and cross-linked networks Barde, M., C. W. Edmunds, N. Labbé, and M. L. Auad.  2019.  High Performance Polymers, 1-13.

Cross-linked acrylic polymers from the aqueous phase of biomass pyrolysis oil and acrylated epoxidized soybean oil Barde, M., K. Avery, C. W. Edmunds, N. Labbé, and M. L. Auad.  2019.  ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 7, 2216-2224.

Improving water use efficiency of containerized crops using biochar and irrigation scheduling through developing precision irrigation scheduling with a physiological-based and a substrate physical properties-based system.  Basiri Jahromi, N.  2019.  Ph.D. Dissertation. [Abstract]

Improving water use efficiency of containerized crops using biochar and irrigation scheduling through developing precision irrigation scheduling with a physiological-based and a substrate physical properties-based system.  Basiri Jahromi, N., F. R. Walker, A. Fulcher, J. Altland, and N. S. Eash.  2019.  Ph.D. Dissertation. [Abstract]

Wealth from biomass waste.  Carrier, D. J., K. Rajan, and N. Labbé.  2019.  XIV Agricultural Science Congress, February 20-23, 2019, New Delhi, India.

Typology of private forest landowners: Implications for their understanding and interest in woody biomass for bioenergy.  Chapagain, B., D. G. Hodges, N. C. Poudyal, V. J. Dale, and K. L. Kline.  2019.  Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Society of American Foresters, October 30- November 3, 2019, Portland, OR.

Carbon Aerogel Based on Biomass Cellulose.  Chen, Y., Y. Han, D. Fan, T. Yan, G. Li, and S. Wang.  2019.  Scientia Silvae Sinicae, 55(10):88-98.

Vapor-phase stabilization of biomass pyrolysis vapors using mixed-metal oxide catalysts Edmunds, C. W., C. Mukarakate, M. Xu, Y. Regmi, C. Hamilton, J. Schaidle, N. Labbé, and S. C. Chmely.  2019.  ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 7, 7386-7394.

Progress and performance of multifunctional perennial bioenergy systems.  Englund, O., I. Dimiriou, V.H, Dale, K. L. Kline, B. Mola-Yudego, F. Murphy, B. C. English, J. McGrath, G. Busch, M. C. Negri, M. Brown, G. Devlin, K. Goss, S. Jackson, k. McDonnell, E.S. Parish, and H. Ssegane, J. Quinn, and J. Cacho.  2019.  WIRES Energy and the Environment, Wiley's International Reviews. [Abstract]

Dissolution in Ionic Liquids (and Deep Eutectic Solvents?): an Environmentally Sustainable Approach for the for the Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass.  Hayes, D. G.  2019.  International Palm Oil Congress (PIPOC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 19-21 November 2019. [Abstract]