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Groups and Facilities

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Wildlife Health 
Emerging infectious diseases, including those that travel from animals to humans.



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UT engineers create technology to map rivers 
A UT AgResearch professor has developed an underwater video system that, in combination with surface videos, gives a complete picture of the stream.


Recent Publications

Diet of and Prey Availability for Reintroduced Juvenile Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in Ft. Loudoun Reservoir, Tennessee Amacker, T. M.  2016.  M.S. Thesis. [Abstract]

1KP: Sequencing one thousand plant transcriptomes American Society of Plant Biologists.  Stewart, Jr., C. N., J. N. Burris, and G. W. S. Wong.  2009.  Abstract # P18011, July 18-22 2009, Honolulu.