Bermudagrass Research

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Turfgrass Weeds 
Turfgrass weed management recommendations and publications.

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Weed Diagnostics Center 
Diagnostic testing for weeds of crop and non-crop systems including turfgrass, ornamentals, and utility rights of way.


Recent Publications

Smooth crabgrass control in bermudagrass with autumn applications of dinitroaniline herbicides.  Breeden, G. K., J. T. Brosnan, T. W. Gannon, S. R. Brinton, and P. J. Maxwell.  2018.  Proc. Southern Weed Science Society, 71:261.

A sluggish start for bermudagrass in 2018 Brosnan, J. T.  2018.  Blog post on

Alternatives to conventional nitrogen fertilization on tall fescue and bermudagrass.  Corbin, M. D., and R. N. Oakes.  2018.  American Forage and Grassland Council Conference, Louisville, KY.

Alternatives to conventional nitrogen fertilization on tall fescue and bermudagrass Corbin, M. D., R. N. Oakes, G. E. Bates, D. M. Butler, and S. A. Hawkins.  2018.  Agronomy Journal.

Impact of soil water content on hybrid bermudagrass athletic field performance.  Dickson, K.H., J. C. Sorochan, J. T. Brosnan, J. C. Stier, and J. Lee.  2018.  Crop Science, Vol. 58 No. 3, p. 1416-1425.

Use of fraze mowing and herbicides to eradicate bermudagrass.  McCalla, J. H., G. K. Breeden, M. D. Richardson, and J. T. Brosnan.  2018.  ASA-CSSA Annual Meeting, [USB-Flash].

Growing degree day models for plant growth regulator applications on ultradwarf hybrid bermudagrass putting greens Reasor, E. H., J. T. Brosnan, J. P. Kerns, W. J. Hutchens, D. R. Taylor, J. D. McCurdy, D. J. Soldat, and W. C. Kreuser.  2018.  Crop Science, 58:1801-1807.

Mowing Pattern and Clip of Reel Have Limited Effects on Green Speed of Ultradwarf Bermudagrass Putting Greens Strunk, W. D., K. Dickson, and J. C. Sorochan.  2018.  Crop, Forage and Turfgrass Management.

Modeling regulation of ultradwarf bermudagrass clipping yield following trinexapac-ethyl and prohexadione-calcium treatment.  Taylor, D. R., J. T. Brosnan, J. J. Vargas, G. K. Breeden, E. H. Reasor, W. J. Hutchens, J. P. Kerns, and W. C. Kreuser.  2018.  Proc. Southern Weed Science Society, 71:105.

Crumb rubber depth is more important than particle size for improving bermudagrass traffic tolerance Dickson, K. H., J. C. Sorochan, J. T. Brosnan, J. C. Stier, J. M. Zobel, and A. W. Thoms.  2017.  Crop Science, 57:2837-2842.

Preemergence crabgrass spp. control with EH1579 and EH1580 containing Vexis in bermudagrass turf.  Henry, G. M., K. A. Tucker, J. T. Brosnan, G. K. Breeden, and A. G. Estes.  2017.  Proc. Southern Weed Sci. Soc., 70:273.

Sprayer setup affects dislodgeable 2,4-D foliar residues from hybrid bermudagrass.  Jeffries, M. D., T. W. Gannon, J. T. Brosnan, and G. K. Breeden.  2017.  Weed Technology, 31:269-278.