Beef Research

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Wesley H. (Wes) Gilliam
Research Specialist III

George F. Grandle
Associate Professor, Post retirement appointment
Livestock Production Systems

Adam Hopkins
Extension Area Specialist
Farm Management

Frank David (David) Kirkpatrick
Beef Cattle Breeding

David McIntosh
Coordinator III
Beef and Forage Center

Tammy L. McKinley
IT Administrator III

John Travis (Travis) Mulliniks
Assistant Professor
Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management

Perry K. Pratt
Research Associate I
Beef Cattle

Justin Rhinehart
Assistant Professor
Beef Cattle

Jason Kaleb Smith
Assistant Professor
Extension Beef Cattle Specialist

Charlie G. Stogner
Beef Cattle Supervisor
TN Beef Hefer Development Program

Brian Whitlock
Assistant Professor
Field Services, Theriogenology


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Tobacco, Beef and More Field Day, 6/22/2017

Northeast Tennessee Beef Expo, 10/13/2016

Tobacco, Beef and More Field Day, 6/23/2016

Southeast Tennessee Beef Summit, 4/29/2016

New Conference for Those Interested in Producing Grass-Fed Beef, 3/17/2016

Northeast Tennessee Beef Expo, 10/8/2015



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Heifer Development 
Tennessee's beef producers are looking to turn dropping cattle numbers around with a new focus on cattle reproduction.

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Cattle Facility 
Beef cattle farming is Tennessee's top agricultural commodity - generating nearly 600 million dollars each year.


Recent Publications

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Maternal nutrition and stage of early pregnancy in beef heifers: Impacts on hexose and AA concentrations in maternal and fetal fluids.  Crouse, M. S., N. P. Greseth, K. McLean, M. R. Crosswhite, N. Negrin-Pereira, A. K. Ward, L. P. Reynolds, C. R. Dahlen, B. W. Neville, P. P. Borowicz, and J. S. Caton.  2018.  Journal of Animal Science.

Effect of complexed trace minerals on oocyte and embryo production in beef cattle.  Dantas, F. G., R. V. Oliveira, R. S. Carvalho, G. A. Franco, S. T. Reese, C. R. Abbott, R. R. Payton, J. Russell, J. L. Edwards, J. K. Smith, and K. Pohler.  2018.  IETS.

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