Stream Research

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John Brian (Brian) Alford
Assistant Professor
Fishery conservation and management

David P. Harper
Associate Professor
Forest products

Andrea Lorene Ludwig
Associate Professor
Ecological Engineering

Xiaofei (Philip) Ye
Value-added bioprocess engineering

Groups and Facilities

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Cherokee Wetlands 
Wetland and engineering research, teaching and outreach opportunities for UT students, staff and faculty!



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Obed Watershed 
For every flowing river in Tennessee, there are many streams that feed it. A group of volunteers on Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau work to preserve water quality in these tributaries.

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Gnats (Black Flies) 
In Tennessee’s warm months, gnats are a nuisance to people and animals. UT researchers are working to reduce the population by eliminating them before they’ve hatched from rivers and streams.

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UT engineers create technology to map rivers 
A UT AgResearch professor has developed an underwater video system that, in combination with surface videos, gives a complete picture of the stream.

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River Cleanup 
Agriculture students worked to clean up the Tennessee River and some of its tributaries of plant growth and trash.


Recent Publications

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