Solvents Research

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Renewable energy, revitalizing rural areas, and biobased industries.


Recent Publications

Green and efficient removal of cadmium from rice flour using natural deep eutectic solvents.  Huang, Y., F. Feng, Z. G. Chen, T. Wu, and Z. H. Wang.  2018.  Food Chemistry.

Green and efficient extraction of rutin from tartary buckwheat hull by using natural deep eutectic solvents.  Huang, Y., F. Feng, J. Jiang, Y. Qiao, T. Wu, J. Voglmeir, and Z. G. Chen.  2017.  Food Chemistry.

Enzymatic Synthesis of Sugar and Polyol-fatty Acid Esters: Surfactants, Polymers, and Other Value-added Products Hayes, D. G.  2016.  107th AOCS Annual Meeting and Expo, Salt Lake City, 05 May 2016 (keynote presentation; Phospholipids Division). [Abstract]

Comparison of Performance for Sugar Esters Prepared by a Green Enzymatic Process and a Commercially Available Product Ye, R, D. G. Hayes, R. Burton, A. Liu, and Y. Wang.  2015.  American Oil Chemistsí Society 106th Annual Meeting, Orlando, 3-6 May 2015. [Abstract]

Self-emulsification of alkaline-dissolved clove bud oil by whey protein, gum arabic, lecithin, and their combinations Luo, Y., Y. Zhang, K. Pang, F. Critzer, P. M. Davidson, and Q. Zhong.  2014.  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 62:4417-4424. [Abstract]

Recent Progress for Lipase-Catalysed Synthesis of Sugar Fatty Acid Esters.  Ye, R., and D. G. Hayes.  2014.  Journal of Oil Palm Research, 26 (4) 355-365. [Abstract]

Enzymatic 'Green' Preparation of Sugar-Fatty Acid Esters Hayes, D. G.  2013.  104th American Oil Chemistsí Society Annual Meeting, Montreal, May 2013. [Abstract]

Enzymatic 'Green' Preparation of Sugar-fatty Acid Esters Ye, R, and D. G. Hayes.  2013.  PIPOC 2013 : Oleo and specialty chemicals conference oil palm : green opportinities from the gold cr, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 19-21 November 2013. [Abstract]

Detection of dichloromethane with a bioluminescent (lux) bacterial bioreporter Lopes, N., S. A. Hawkins, P. Jegier, F. -M. Menn, G. S. Sayler, and S. Ripp.  2012.  Journal of Industiral Microbiology and Biotechnology, 39(1):45-53. [Abstract]

Bioreactor Systems Designs for Lipase-Catalyzed Synthesis of Saccharide-Fatty Acid Esters in Solvent-Free Media.  Ye, R.  2011.  Ph.D. Dissertation. [Abstract]

FTIR imaging coupled with multivariate analysis for study of diffusion of different solvents in cellulose acetate butyrate films.  Lindblad, M. S., B.M. Keyes, L.M. Gedvilas, and T. G. Rials.  2008.  Cellulose, 15(1): 23-33.