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Michael E. Essington
Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy

Mark A. Radosevich
Soil microbiology & biochemistry

Groups and Facilities

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UT Beef and Forage Center 
Facilitating research and communication to advance the Tennessee Beef and Forage industry.



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Soil Testing 
If youíre looking for a healthy garden or green grass, itís good to know the content of your soil. UT Extension offers inexpensive soil tests, and itís all done in a special lab in Nashville.

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Sweet corn 
UT AgResearchers applied herbicides to experimental sweet corn to keep weeds away. But something unexpected happened -- they boosted the nutritional value of the corn.

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Weed Progress 
Weeds are a nuisance to gardeners, but downright devastating to those who farm for a living. But now experts and farmers say the worst may be behind us.

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No-Till Hills 
There was a time when sloped land was just about useless because of frequent soil erosion. But now, hilly terrain can be productive. 'No-tillĒ farming makes it possible.

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Little River Facility 
Itís long been an issue in farming Ė how can we be productive in agriculture and still protect the environment? UT Ag-Research has a new facility dedicated to that cause.


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